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The Echizen route goes northward from Tsuruga up along the coast to Tojimbo, a popular tourist destination. The route travels almost exclusively along the coast, following regular roads and one toll road. the Kono Kaigan Yuryo Doro. However, as the major city of Fukui is inland, traffic is remarkably light on the coastal road. On this route, the traffic is only heavy for the short distance between downtown Tsuruga and the beginning of the toll road. After that point, the highway (route 305) curves inland to Fukui, taking most of the cars and trucks with it. Traffic is light for the rest of the way around the coast.

This must be one of the easiest bicycle routes in Japan, since it is almost entirely level - the only hill worth mentioning used to be the one just after leaving Takasu, a long gradual climb to the town of Mikuni just before journey's end at Tojimbo. The last time I took this route, I noted that a new road had been built virtually right next to the old one (apparently to give access to a new factory) - and the new one is completely flat, so the route is even easier than it used to be.