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Sorry about this patchwork-quilt of a photo - the overlook was too close to these cliffs and my camera could only focus on a tiny part of the whole (meaning that the view was quite spectacular). This is one of the dramatic views at Shiretoko, one of Japan's finest wilderness areas. Photographers come here from all over Japan to take pictures - particularly in winter, when the scenery is often reminiscent of starkly beautiful polar regions. Even my poor efforts should show how distinctive the views are - lush foliage like something out of the movie Jurassic Park, with wild bears standing in for the dinosaurs.

What we did for lakes and rivers we'll now do for waterfalls. This is back in the Daisetsuzan mountains, but it's typical of falls you'll see in many places. I was reminded of it by the fact that there's a very nice one along the coast leading to Shiretoko, journey's end on the eastern portion of the tour.