I call this route “Hokkaido Okhotsk” for two reasons: (1) I don’t know of many other ways to describe it, and (2) maybe if I use that name I’ll finally learn how to spell “Okhotsk” correctly. Central-Northeast Hokkaido would also be reasonably accurate; basically, the route was designed to cover the major parts of Hokkaido that the other two routes (Hokkaido and North Hokkaido) don’t go to. We’ll travel due north from Chitose Airport through the popular tourist destinations of Furano and Biei, all the way up to Lake Kuccharo near the northern tip, then head down along the Sea of Okhotsk all the way to Shiretoko and over the pass to Rausu. It’s Hokkaido, so plan for chilly weather even in summer. And if you go in early July, be prepared to see more wildflowers than you would have thought possible.
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