They don't call it the "Tour de Noto 400" for nothing -- that means 400 km total around the peninsula if you go all the way back to Kanazawa (not that much different from the distance if you continue on down the coast and arrive at Toyama). Don't be fooled by the distance indicator in the upper left-hand corner of the map: the coastline is crinkly and deceptively long, and the ups and downs make it very time-consuming, particularly the western side from Wajima to Notojima. Below is a map showing one of the Tour de Noto routes. As you can see, this route departs from the coast just west of Wajima (unfortunate, since it misses a fairly pretty but quite time-consuming stretch of coastline), as well as a major detour inland on the east side. And of course it cuts directly across the narrow part of the peninsula to return to Kanazawa, something you'll probably decide you don't need to do unless you've left a bicycle case or something in Kanazawa.

On the Tour de Noto, riders do the entire route shown above in three days: one fairly long (120 km) but level route from Kanazawa up the coast to Wajima, a second VERY long day (173 km) to the island of Notojima, with several coastal climbs; and a third easy day (only 88 km) back to Kanazawa, but at least in some years with a very steep climb over a narrow hill pass known informally as "Himi no saka." However, based on my experience, most cyclists doing the route on their own might have a nicer time if they spent four days, with an overnight at or around Amamizu and another on Notojima. The last day would be a "cruise" day back along the level eastern coast. Alternately, if you wanted to do it in three days and were willing to skip Notojima (where there's not really much to see), you might do the second overnight at Anamizu instead of Notojima.

If you REALLY wanted to take it easy, you could do the trip in five days: 1st day Kanazawa to halfway to Wajima; 2nd day the remainder of the distance to Wajima; third day to Sosogi (just before the eastern tip) or Anamizu; fourth day to Anamizu or Notojima; fifth day a "cruise" day down to Himi and a train home. Whichever itinerary you choose, I'd still recommend Wajima as an overnight spot, both because of the famous "morning market" and because there are many minshuku in this popular tourist town.

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