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General Cycling in Japan

Japan Cycling Navigator


Along with KANcycling, the best source for bicycling information on Japan; has both English and Japanese pages. JCN has grown considerably in the last few years, with many new areas to the site. However, specific cycling routes seem to be limited to Honshu (creating one long route from Fukuoka to Tokyo) and, recently, one cross-Hokkaido route.

Jitensha Seikatsu Nyumon (Introduction to Cycling Life)


Quite extensive site featuring “basic knowledge, training techniques, hill climbs, bike commuting, heart rate meters, GPS, expertise and so on to enable you to get 120% of the enjoyment of your cycling life” including information for female riders. The articles on cycling routes (no detailed route information but great photos) start at http://jitensha-seikatsu.seesaa.net/category/609585-1.html.

Cycling Links


Huge collection of links arranged by category (individual sites, clubs, etc.). Hint: Japanese text encoding apparently must be ISO 2022-JP.

Cycling Portal Japan


Enormous series of satellite maps of Japan showing bikepaths and cycling routes throughout the country. Clicking on some of the links at the bottom of the page bring up the old “WIND” pages! Some of the many links at the bottom of the initial page are dead.

Cycle Kikou (Cycling Journeys)


Very nicely designed site of bicycle journeys, with sections that include “cycling reports” “cycling scenes” “touring essays” and even a “mountain pass database.” Also has an introduction to cycle-touring. Links are at http://www.cyclekikou.net/modules/weblinks/.

Cycling Ni Tsuite Shiritai


The page of the Cycling Bunka Center (Bicycling Popularization Association of Japan). Links to very general information about planning routes, using bikebags etc.

Trip Accounts



Site of a cyclist who likes to go “pottering” mainly in the Kansai area. Menu includes a “map” of places to go (at http://www.potterist.com/maps/pottering_map.html - described as “wimpy pottering” but with routes that cover significant distances), “trip” descriptions, “bike” introductions (including tools and equipment) and a section entitled “o-make” (pronounced oh-mackay” and meaning “freebies”).



Could be translated “mountain pass old fart.” Supposedly as of 2002 he’d gone over 1,000 mountain passes. Large site that includes nice photos and accounts of rides over passes mainly in Gifu Prefecture.

“Kinou no Tsuzuki”


Kanagawa blogger. Main section for many nice cycling photos is at http://damashi.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/cat2280835/index.html . Photos of a nine-day trip through Hokkaido are at http://damashi.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/cat3849237/index.html .

“Shonan no Yoru” page


(Full title is “Ah, Shonan no yoru wa fukete.”) Blog of a cyclist in Kanagawa. In the menu at left are indexes for touring diaries and commuting diaries (for commuting distances of over 2100 km!), both with LOTS of great photos. For starters: the following links are for two posts covering a 113 km group ride through Hakone and Itami:

- http://blog.goo.ne.jp/masayoshi0809/e/2c0efc495808ecc5532da7dc32f0ae2e

- http://blog.goo.ne.jp/masayoshi0809/e/1dc15d53fa2259c175efb4405959b99f

And a Fuji hill climb with lovely photos of snow-capped Mt. Fuji is here:


Road Days


Blog of someone who seems to be in the Kamakura area. Touring accounts & photos are at http://tavasuke.exblog.jp/i4/ and “pottering” accounts & photos are at  http://tavasuke.exblog.jp/i5/ .

Yamahon De Iko!


Site devoted to touring on an inexpensive folding bicycle. Touring reports with many photos are at http://www.yamaiko.com/touring/ . For starters: a map and photos of touring Karuizawa to see autumn leaves: http://www.yamaiko.com/touring/area/nagano/20081109.html

Michio’s Bicycle Page


Descriptions of cycling trips with photos (index at http://homepage1.nifty.com/michiwo/bicycle/asiato.htm) and even a page (without photos, unfortunately) about all of the campsites on the southern coast of Hokkaido that he stayed at. One section (http://homepage1.nifty.com/michiwo/bicycle/jutu/carry.htm) shows a small platform on casters that he devised to transport a bagged bike.

Fretta de Pottering


Tokyo-based Bianchi Frettta cyclist blog about sightseeing, GPS issues etc..

Akita Pottering Nikki


Akita cyclist’s blog. Nice photos under “Travel diary” and “Photo” (down the page in the right-hand menu). 



No meaning to the title word; he just liked the sound of it. Links way down at the bottom of the page have cycling info and photos....

Watanabe Auto “Jitensha Shokai”


They call it a “shokai” but don’t sell bikes, just advertise how great cycling is. The first link (http://www.watanabejidousha.co.jp/news/cycle_01/index.html) is devoted to Ise’s “Pearl Road” and includes some nice photos, including one of the bagged bike on a train.



Top group contains cycling-related links; bottom group contains historical and nature-related links.

Individual Route Pages

MLIT Long-Distance Bikepath Page


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport page showing many of the long-distance cycling routes in Japan (as I understand it, some are private and not listed here). Still, a great resource. Click on a section of the map of Japan to show routes for that area.

Cycling Courses in Chiba


Just what it says; lengths ranging from several dozen to 160 km. The links lead to ALPS maps and route information, with local “spots” (restaurants, accommodation etc.). Some routes include pdf files with detailed routes.

“Lounge S”


Primarily information on a 54 km bikepath route in the Yachiyo-Lake Inba area in northern Chiba. Also has links for other bikepath sites, things of interest along the route etc. One link (http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/%7Efz6t-sby/cycling/kasumigaura.html) leads to a page on another 106 km course at Kasumigaura (southern Ibaraki Prefecture), with very detailed maps and photos.

Cycling Groups

Japan Cycling Association


The premier cycling organization in Japan. Offers services (some to members only?) including insurance to cover cycling accidents, purchase tags for takkyubin delivery of bagged bicycles etc. Once in awhile will have a nice feature. Oddly, only covers one bikepath (in Tokyo: http://www.j-cycling.org/jingu.html).

Chiba Cycling Association


The main page for the “Cycling Courses in Chiba” page. Lots of photos of rides in Japan and overseas.

Travel in Japan

Landscapes on the Road


Seems to specialize in photography “on the road” with a lot of cycling (click on “Bicycle” down in the left-hand column under “menu”). The link above shows a page with photos of bikeriding on snow...

Yoshida’s HP


Top section, Kitahama Jitensha-meguri,” has links to photos and descriptions of nice places in the Osaka area.  Bottom section has an amazing collection of noncycling links. Still has all the “Banpaku” Expo Park pictures...

Domestic Transit

Rinko etc.


Single page with photos of packing a small mountain bike in a bikebag. Oddly, the only link is to a page with a list of bike trips with no links from that to anything else...

“Disposable” Bikebags


An example of how to use a garbage bag as a disposable bikebag. Would probably only work for the smallest of bicycles, but an interesting idea. I don’t recommend it; real bikebags are not expensive and garbage bags rip too easily. Still, in a pinch, if you’re desperate (or desperately poor)...




Pronounced “noroh-na” (and the name means “let’s ride”). Publisher’s page for Osaka-based local cycling magazine. Never seen this in bookstores. Out of print?

Kansai Cycle Sports Center


Has a park and rents bicycles as well as a campground. Seems aimed mostly at families. There is also a Tokyo center.

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