Kokumin Shukusha

Like a sort of government-run minshuku version of a Holiday Inn, kokumin shukusha above all represent good value. Prices are virtually uniform, rooms are nice, and the food is good if not spectacular - in some, you can choose the menu according to how expensive you want the bill to be. Often kokumin shukusha are located on hilltops with spectacular views (and equally spectacular climbs to get to them). I've never been disappointed by this option.

Detailed information on kokumin shukusha throughout Japan can be found in Japanese language references such as the one shown at right (which is rather old at this point and probably no longer available). Here is the publishing information:

One more reason to be careful of the maps you choose: the "Max Mapple" and "Touring Mapple" maps show the exact locations of kokumin shukusha throughout the country, right on the map (although without phone numbers or any other information).

For other reference materials that you may find useful in route planning, see RESOURCES.