Among other options, this route enables you to easily extend your trip to either Kyushu or Honshu... or both.

- Since this route is on Shikoku, it can naturally be combined with the routes described in the Shikoku or Shimanami sections. Shimanami (shown in the top photo) is particularly easy since you’re right in the area (south of Matsuyama); add the Shimanami leg on the way there or the way back.

- You can also get to Kyushu - unfortunately not from the tip of the peninsula but from Yawatahama, the suggested “base camp” for this route. Ferries leave Yawatahama for Oita several times a day and the ferry port is on the coast very near the center of town.

- If you’re really ambitious, you can cycle on three islands in a single trip: take the Shimanami route from Honshu to Shikoku, then take the ferry to Kyushu and cycle parts of either the North Kyushu route or the Kyushu route to Mt. Aso (shown here) and beyond.

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